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You Are Not Unloveable. Just Wait.
I have Ulcerative Colitis, a permanent Ileostomy, and arthritis. I have Bipolar Disorder: Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings. I am overweight. I am a single mom.

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Your Daily Digest for August 26th, 2017

You Are Not Unloveable. Just Wait.
August 26th, 2017 by Jackie Ferguson of "One Flawsome Momma"
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I have Ulcerative Colitis, a permanent Ileostomy, and arthritis. I have Bipolar Disorder: Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings. I am overweight. I am a single mom.... Read more and share your comments
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I posted last week about an issue with our alcoholic neighbor, Jeff. The overwhelming response that I received was that my expectations were unrealistic and that I needed to not interfere in their relationship. (To clarify one thing, Jeff and my husband were never friends a...

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My 5 year old has been engaging in silly, but excessive potty talk (poop, pee, etc.) and now she's getting my 2.5 year old into it. So far, I've told her that she is not to engage in potty talk during mealtimes or in public. How should I deal with this if she does it i...

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I have decided to become a vegan and am only cooking vegan meals. My bf always leaves whenever I start to make dinner or any kind of food for that matter. The stepkids hate it , I tried to force them to eat it but they barf all over me or it disappears. They call grandma and...

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I have been a step mom to our daughter for 8 years and at a young age she noticed her mom would jump the gun if she would say stuff about me. Regardless if it where good or bad (we go on a bike ride/ paint nails together her response is to the kiddo must be nice to have all ...

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Help! We got a phone call from our daughters mother asking if our 10 year old can shave! Where not for her growing up so fast but her moms argument is all the other kids are doing it. We stay firm we think it's to young we end the conversation with her agreeing waiting will ...

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Hello Mommies, i am new to this group. My 3 Year old goes to Goddard and very happy there. We recently moved to ashburn and as he will moving to Preschool was exploring Montessori option. I have toured couple of Montessori, but unable to make the call on which would be bett...

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cant believe my friend reacted like that!!!!!

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