Early Bird Mom - You've got 2 options

Early Bird Mom

Hopefully you've taken a look at the $15 class being held tonight - Brilliant Product Launches.

But just in case, here's one more reminder.

I think that literally everyone on my list should be getting this class if they have any interest in earning money from their blog.

This is such a no-brainer decision for bloggers who are serious about their work.

It'll take just 2 hours of your time to get the basics down. Do you have 2 hours sometime in the next couple months to watch this class?

Now it's time to make a choice:

Class starts in a couple hours at 9pm EST.

Tick tock

Tick tock

Will you either say:

I'm IN! Give me a seat in Brilliant Product Launches. And let's high five in the class chat later tonight!!

or will you say...

NO thanks. The class sounds cool but I'd rather keep plugging along wishing Pinterest would come back to its glory days and figuring things out on my own.

What is your choice?

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