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Early Bird Mom

Ever found yourself sitting at your laptop, coffee at hand, no distractions to be found and you're staring at a blank screen?

That happened to me last week.

I sat there and thought, "I got nothin'."

Dry as the desert.

Seriously it was the most frustrating thing EVER.

I had a to-do list that seemed higher than Mt. Everest but still I could not make that keyboard sing.

And I was in a rush because I had a coaching call with one of my Decluttering School members.

Well thank goodness!

I was completely unproductive up until that call.

But afterward?

Holy inspiration, Batman!

As we were talking, I couldn't write things down fast enough.

I came away from that 20 minute call with 2 pages of notes and enough ideas to write for 3 months.

Thank goodness for real life people with real life problems (and problems that I know how to solve!)

So the next time you're facing bloggers block?

Get on the phone with a customer.

Or hop into a Facebook group.

It doesn't even have to be your own!

Just start up a conversation.

Ask, "what's your biggest challenge with _____?"

And sit back and watch what happens.

Don't jump in with your advice. (Well, do give advice if it's a coaching call.)

Just listen.

Ask more questions.

And take notes as fast as your fingers can fly.

You're welcome :)

Time is running out to jump on to Beth Anne's Brilliant Product Launches class for just $15. Class is scheduled for tomorrow night!

And that means that time is also running out to snag my Tripwire Calculator and how-to guide (for free, people!). This will certainly turn into a $30-50 product.

Maybe more - I haven't decided yet.

(Don't know what a tripwire is? That's ok - you're not alone! I wrote about that yesterday - read here: http://www.earlybirdmom.com )

To get in on this blogging goodness:

1. Register for Brilliant Product Launches (seriously I can't believe this is just $15!)

2. Forward me your receipt.

3. I'll send you the Tripwire bonus.

Do it now while you're thinking about it.


PS If you already sent me your receipt, I'm a *tad* behind. I'll be caught up by tomorrow - piny promise :)

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