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Early Bird Mom

Ever had a case of mistaken identity?

This happened to me a couple weeks ago.

Another very well-known organizing blogger had just launched a new product.

I know because I'm on her list - I try to stay in the loop :)

And one of MY readers emailed me and asked if she could return said product.

... the very one that this OTHER blogger had just launched.

Well, I got a real kick out of that.

I was totally flattered.

I redirected the reader to the right place and chalked it up to a tiny bit of fame.

I must be doing something right :)

And returns?

Well, they're definitely a fact of life when you're selling products.

If a customer isn't happy, I have no problem refunding their money.

Kind of like unsubscribes (and if those stress you out, grab your copy of Inbox Invitation and read the section on page 17 about why these are actually a GOOD thing).

But if you've done your launch well, you'll minimize the amount of returns you get.


Well, for starters...

- your readers will be excited about what you're offering

- you'll have set their expectations (which you can later exceed) so they'll KNOW what they're getting which will keep returns down...

- ... your launch will naturally lead into your customer consuming your product.

Now how do you do all these things?

I have TONS of ideas!

But Beth Anne Schwamberger is the MASTER of product launches!

And she's spilling the beans on how to have a brilliant product launch in her class happening TONIGHT!

And this whole package is just $15.

Let's do a little math...

Let's say you launch a product at $10. You only have to sell 1 and half copies (ok 2 copies) in order to make back the cost of this class! That's crazy!

And you'll probably sell a whole lot more.

I think that literally everyone on my list should be getting this class if they have any interest in earning money from their blog.

Never done a launch?

No problem! Check out my free launch notes for how I wrote my own first ebook here:


But file the above link away for tomorrow - you're going to want to grab Beth Anne's class today while it's still $15 (I hear the price goes up to $27 tomorrow!)

Maybe you're booked up for the next few months (good for you planning ahead!).

You'll get all the class materials plus a replay. Hang on to this class until you're ready.

Still not sure?

That's what guarantees are for.

This class has a 30 day money back guarantee. And I already told you how I feel about returns!

The real cost of this class...

... is the opportunity cost. What will you lose if you DON'T buy it tonight?

You might lose:

- an easy-to-follow plan

- templates (emails, landing pages)

- loads of examples so you can model your launch on Beth Anne's designs

- sales, sales and more sales

Yeah - that's not something I'm willing to miss out on.

I'm so excited about this class that I put together my own bonus.

The Tripwire Calculator and mini-guide will show you how to setup a tripwire (a low-priced offer that lets you make money AS you grow your email list) and see how much you can earn depending on how much money you put toward advertising.

Time's a wasting!

Here's what to do now:

1. Register for Brilliant Product Launches here: http://www.earlybirdmom.com

2. Forward me your receipt so I can send you my bonus.

Come to class tonight (or plan to catch the replay later).

That's it!

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