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Early Bird Mom

Happy Sunday!

My kids are going back to school tomorrow and I can hardly believe it!

It's going to be a little strange to have it quiet for so many hours.

I wonder what I'll do with myself.

Just kidding :)

I know exactly what I'm going to do.

Get cracking on my to-do list (I'm following the 12 Week Year and so far I love how it's keeping me focused on my goals).

One of the things on my list that's super easy to check off is managing my Facebook page.

I know you've heard me gush before about my new-found love for Facebook (I was totally ignorant about how to REALLY share on Facebook until just this year!).

So glad I learned because my page is now over 17k (up from 4k this January) and my 14k FB group is my #1 source of customers.

And THE most important thing you need to know if you have a FB page is how to dial in your page and attract your raving fan.

This is a concept taught in Rachel Miller's Facebook Page Strategies course and honestly a lot of people, myself included, struggle with it at the beginning.

Lucky for us, Rachel now has a free workshop that gives you the inside scoop on this topic as well as a few of the other concepts taught in the beginning of her course.

And it's free!

But it's only available for a few days.

So you have to get busy and find a bit of time sooner rather than later.

You can catch the free workshop and learn how to attract those raving fans here: http://www.earlybirdmom.com

And a quick head's up - the full Facebook Page Strategies course is re-opening on August 31 for a week.

The price has gone up - it's now $497 (which is what makes this free workshop such a steal!).

So I encourage you to start thinking NOW about whether this is a course that you want to invest in. And I will have a juicy bonus for you, too, so make sure you look out for that announcement!

(And know that the price does go up with each session or two so if FB is on your radar like it is for most bloggers, waiting is only going to cost you more money...)

Anyway, the first video is like 10 minutes long. Make the time today or tomorrow to watch it.

Here's the link for the free workshop again (only available for a couple more days):


Have a great day!

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