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We've been talking books this week.

Just so you know, I am a fellow book lover.

I've spent hours and hours this summer with my nose in a book. A trip to the library is my form of retail therapy.

Pure indulgence!

But books can become a problem, especially if your quantity of books exceeds your bookshelf space.

Or if you've got enough shelves but not enough time to read them all.

And we've all got the same 168 hours a week.

(unless you're Hermione Granger with a time turner, that is.)

So more time won't help the problem, my fellow bibliophiles.

Because, as you know, there are always more books begging to be read...!

So I've got a plan.

I'm putting together a challenge for you.

A book challenge!

And we can work through those stacks and piles of books together.

It's going to be fun!

There will be prizes (REAL prizes)!

The first challenge email will come out on Saturday so watch out for that.

And keep those questions about organizing and decluttering books coming to me. I'll do my best to answer them all.

Today's question is from CJ.

"Hi Sarah!

Good questions! For me I wonder why I feel the need to read at least a few chapters of a book I've never read. Why? Some I've had for 20 years, never read, and I think maybe it's because at this time in my life I might relate?

Thank You! CJ"

This is a great question!

I think the answer to this question may be that this is a need to feel confident that a book isn't worth reading. If you read a few pages or chapters, you'll know for sure, right?

It may be really hard to let a book go if you've spent money on it (or even if you haven't) especially if you think you *might* enjoy it.

If you give it away, you're missing out on what's inside, right?

Well, aren't you already missing out on what's inside by letting that book sit in a stack gathering dust?

So if you do give that book away, nothing will have changed for you.

Except that's not 100% true.

You will have gained a whole lot!

You will have gained the joy of giving.

... and the joy of more space in your home.

... and the freedom from guilt and stress over not having enough time to read all. the. books...

If this describes you, see if this idea helps you let go of more books (or other things).

Step-by-Step Decluttering (http://www.earlybirdmom.com) can be your guide.

Or wait for Decluttering School to open up again (coming in just 2 weeks!!) and join me there for lots of simple, practical, actionable training and decluttering resources.

I hope you enjoyed that food for thought!

PS. I'm looking for decluttering success stories! If you've had a decluttering win, big or small, or my work has made a difference in your life, would you drop me a line? :) Thank you! - S

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