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What is Mesh Wifi?

Do you have WiFi problems in your home? A mesh WiFi system is a new approach companies are taking to eliminate a lot of common problems while also creating a more secure network with improved speed. In this video we&;ll show you how this system works and how easy it is to set up in your home.

For this demo, we&;re using the eero home WiFi system. To purchase one of your own, or to compare different brands, check out With over 80 years of experience, Abt has fantastic tools and customer service to help you with your purchase.

eero Home WiFi System

  • Replace your router in under 10 minutes
  • Automatic updates
  • Best-in-class encrytion and routine infrastructure audits
  • Expandable to cover any sized home
  • Beacon takes up one outlet
  • A photosensitive nightlight on the Beacon will illuminate your path in the dark
  • Optional eero Plus protects your network from viruses, suspicious websites, child content management, and priority support

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